1950 Harley Davidson Panhead

I would like to introduce you to a beautiful 1950 (2 year only) Sargent strip rear fender Harley Davidson "Panhead" 74 cubic Inch engine. This bike is absolutely awesome. I have a vision of what it will look like fully restored and this WILL become my daily rider bike, can't wait!!

Bob - 2015

2017.12.10 - Ok so work has begun, the bike is being disasembled and I am searching for parts and literature. Finding that most parts are original, whew, the frame is discovered to be a probably 1954 so that will have to be investigated, the tank badges are original, and of cource will keep it 6 volt, the generator will go over to Perry as will the speedo, spedo base and regukator. Will need to find a painter that can match the rear fender, I think that will be my biggest challenge. . .

2015.08.17 - Message from the previous Owner, Mr. Brian :
I bought her in 1990 from a guy named Woodsy who lived in Moyer BC. I was hunting in the Yahk mountains at the time and were in Cranbrook processing our game and had a little time to kill while waiting for the butcher, so I walked across the street to a harley dealer. I was looking around the showroom when I saw they had a notice board with some ads on it. As I got closer I saw this picture of some chicks nice ass and had a closer look(obviously). Under the ass pic was an ad for the 50 pan, a 49 pan and a 41 Knuck. it was a Friday and we were basically picking up our meat and heading west to the island. I did not expect to connect with Woodsy but tried him from a pay phone and to my surprise he was off work that day. He said he lived west of Moyer and I told him I could swing by and have a look. He agreed and away we went. When we got there I saw the bike and it was the only runner. The knuck was about 80% restored and the 49 was in boxes. I had 200 bucks in my wallet and we agreed on a price and he agreed to meet me in Rock creek the next weekend for the transfer and final payment. Looking back now I wish I had bought all the bikes but I did'nt. The 50 pan was born and I rode her for the summer until I blew the motor. This started a 15 year restoration project and a ton of time and money but you know what it is like to have the sickness.I know it has gone to a guy that will cherish it as he does on all his bikes and can't wait to see it when you get her to where you want it Bob...good luck buddy and hope to ride with you soon




This is a very desirable motorcycle, this is the 2nd year, 2year only, of the "sargent" stripe rear fender (ie 3 stripes), very hard to find and rare.This particular rear fender has 1 stripe which is a 1951 rear fender. The original fender was in poor shape I believe the story went and so a "1 stripe" 51 fender was installed, as a decent 50 fender was never found so the bike was ridden with the 51 and painted a beautiful red color which actually pops very nicely when seen in person. It's not original though and since the rear fender that I amnstalling if "Flight Red" that will be the final color of this bike.


1950 HD Panhead
74 cubic inch

With the purchase would come a couple boxes of very cool parts, the previous owner gave me a tour of his house and shop (WOW), he is truly a biker, been ridding and collecting for years. GREAT GUY!

I have since found an original paint rear fender complete with the original stripes and luggage bolts, this fender is "sweet", the bike will be taken apart next year and the whole bike will be built back up and the color scheme will be around the original paint rear fender. I have a shop in town that can repaint he front fenders and tans and patina them to be exact match for the rear fender,... this bike is going to be just what I want for my every day rider, it already looks great but it will be changed enough to be my personal machine.




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